Shangri-la : A place regarded as an earthly paradise, utopia.

We pride ourselves on providing comfort and service to each one of you
and create a better world through entertainment.
Our staffs uniqueness and creativity lay the foundation
and make the "roads" to Shangri-la.

No matter how fast, how tough, and how complicated these roads can be,
we will keep heading towards Shangri-la.

And we will visit Shangri-la over and over again.

Company Profile

Staff Profile

PRODUCER Futoshi Ozone

A Group of Producers: Roads to Shnagli-la, Inc. CEO
Ozone Futoshi has produced various kinds of films, TV programs, and events. He has
displayed his multiple talents in the entertainment business.
Recently he has devoted himself to collaborate on projects with other Asian countries.

  • 2006
  • 『Balloon Club Afterwards』Planning and Producing
  • 2008
  • 『Kung-Fu kun』Co-producer (China division)
  • 『Hyakuhachi』Producer
  • 2009
  • 『Farewell ~From Ashoryo~』Producer
  • 『Chanto Tsutaeru』Co-producer
  • 2011
  • 『Pure Asia』Producer
  • 『TESE』Producer
TV programs
  • Producer
  • Girl’sDay Kirakira SLIM
  • Dal★ShabetのLovePet
  • M-net×K☆Jyosei Jishin
Others: music video
and concert etc.
  • Chiharu Matsuyama Music Video Kamiyo and Shitau
  • Chiharu Matsuyama Tour and CF
  • Cho Shin Sung
  • sgWANNABE+
  • Other works include Korean artists LIVE and fan meetings

Roads to Shangri-la GROUP

  • Name
  • Roads to Shangri-la KOREA
  • Address
  • 〒150-893
    ソウル特別市 永登浦区 汝矣島洞 48 Daewoo Trump World Ⅱ B-303
    TEL : 070-4250-1532  FAX : 02-3775-1532
    Management staff:池 相元   Ji Sang Won
Affiliated staffs
reside in China
  • Activities
  • Research, Coordination, Filming, Direction
  • 所在地
  • Shanghai  Shanghai DEPO
    Management staff:道副   Michizoe
  • Beijing  Beijing DEPO
    Management staff:小林   Kobayashi
Roads to Shangri-la Inc.